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In today’s digital landscape, creating a website or application is only the first step toward establishing a strong online presence. Once the website or application is up and running, it is crucial to deploy it on respective app stores and web browsers to navigate the fickle approval process. However, the journey doesn’t end there. At Agicon Solutions we go above and beyond by providing ongoing support to address any bugs or issues that may arise in the future. We will explore the deployment process and the importance of post-launch support to ensure a seamless user experience.

Deploying on App Stores and Web Browsers


Once the website or application is ready to meet the world, our team at Agicon Solutions ensures a smooth deployment process. We understand the importance of reaching your target audience on various platforms. Therefore, we deploy your website or application on both app stores and web browsers.


Deploying app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store allows you to tap into the vast user base of mobile device users. On the other hand, deploying on web browsers ensures compatibility across different operating systems and enables easy access from desktops and mobile browsers.

The Approval Process

Getting past the fickle approval process is a crucial step in making your website or application available to users. Both app stores and web browsers have specific guidelines and requirements that need to be met for approval. At Agicon Solutions we have extensive experience in navigating these approval processes, ensuring a high chance of acceptance.

To increase the chances of approval, we meticulously review your website or application to ensure compliance with the respective platform’s guidelines. Our team addresses any issues, optimizes performance, and conducts thorough testing before submitting for review.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

At Agicon Solutions PVT. Ltd, our commitment to your success extends beyond the deployment phase. We understand that even the most meticulously developed applications may encounter unexpected bugs or issues after launch. That’s why we offer ongoing support to ensure a seamless user experience.

Our dedicated support team is available to address any concerns or technical difficulties that may arise. Whether it’s a minor bug or a critical issue affecting functionality, we are here to provide timely assistance and resolution.

We believe in proactive support, which means that we not only respond to your queries but also monitor your website or application to identify any potential issues before they become major problems. Our team employs advanced monitoring tools to keep a close eye on performance metrics, user feedback, and system health. This proactive approach allows us to detect and address issues promptly, minimizing any impact on your users.

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Common Bugs and their Solutions

While we strive for flawless performance, it’s important to acknowledge that bugs or issues can occur even after a meticulous development and testing process. Here are some common bugs and their solutions that our support team frequently encounters:

Crashes on Launch

If your application crashes immediately after launch, it could be due to compatibility issues with specific devices or operating systems. Our team thoroughly investigates the issue, identifies the root cause, and releases patches or updates to resolve the problem.

Slow Performance

Slow loading times or unresponsive screens can frustrate users and affect their overall experience. Our experts analyze the performance bottlenecks, optimize code, and implement caching techniques to improve speed and responsiveness.

Login or Authentication Issues

 Authentication problems can prevent users from accessing your website or application. Our support team investigates such issues, verifies the authentication flow, and ensures seamless login experiences for your users.

Data Synchronization Problems

 If your application relies on data synchronization across multiple devices, inconsistencies or syncing failures can disrupt user workflows. We address data synchronization issues by refining synchronization algorithms, implementing conflict resolution strategies, and conducting rigorous testing to ensure data integrity.

Compatibility with New OS Versions

Operating system updates can sometimes introduce compatibility challenges for existing applications. Our team closely monitors new OS releases, performs compatibility testing, and releases updates or patches to ensure seamless operation on the latest platforms.

Third-Party Integration Errors

Integrating third-party services or APIs can lead to unforeseen errors or compatibility issues. Our support team works closely with third-party providers to troubleshoot integration problems and ensure smooth communication between different components.

Please note that these are just a few examples of common bugs, and our support team is equipped to handle a wide range of issues. Our goal is to provide quick resolutions and minimize any disruption to your users’ experience.

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For a growing business, a well working and impressive website or application is of utmost importance, especially if they want to step into the untapped customer pool that is spread far and wide. This is why it is crucial to work with a team of seasoned Mobile and Web Developers , Project managers, Scrum masters, Quality analysts, Customer ,and Technical support experts ,who can understand your needs and offer solutions accordingly. who can understand your needs and offer solutions accordingly.

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